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SPUN’s mission is to map the mycorrhizal fungal networks of the planet and advocate for their protection. Mycorrhizal fungal networks are an ancient life support system currently absent from conservation and climate agendas. SPUN supports the development of solutions to the climate and biodiversity emergencies that rely on healthy and diverse underground ecosystems.

Seth Carnill


Some scientists are mapping the world’s oceans, and others are exploring outer space. SPUN is going underground. Help us map the fungal networks that stitch ecosystems together, one kilometer at a time.

Support a Myconaut

SPUN will sponsor and train a generation of ‘myconauts’ (myco- meaning fungus) to sample their local soil ecosystems across the globe. SPUN promotes collaborative science. All data are compiled in an open-access global database. We support local researchers and communities in their efforts both to explore underground ecosystems and mobilise the data to support grassroots conservation and restoration initiatives.

Young people are demanding urgent climate action, and want to participate in the decision-making processes that impact their futures. SPUN is working with SPUN YOUTH to amplify young voices to protect underground ecosystems.

Photo of SPUN YOUTH at a protest
Photo of SPUN YOUTH collaborating
Photo of SPUN YOUTH at a protest
Photo of SPUN YOUTH collaborating

Partnering on conservation

SPUN partners with organisations striving to protect the planet’s ecosystems, above and below ground. We highlight the work of the Fungi Foundation, and encourage you to take part in their campaigns.

GlobalFungi provides access to published data on fungal community composition obtained by next-generation sequencing through a web-based interface.

FungiFoundation works to increase knowledge of fungal diversity, promote innovative fungal solutions, design fungal curricula for schools, and recommend public policy for fungal conservation.

The Climate Adaptation & Resilience Laboratory of The Nature Conservancy is refining, amplifying, and accelerating the application of TNC’s nature-based solutions to reforestation in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and beyond.

Pledge to protect your own fungal networks

We’re asking individuals, companies, landowners, and governments to adhere to the following best practices: